Welcome back to Clubflex:

We’re are back again open for 24 hour access.

We have extended our staffed hours substantially to help to ensure Clubflex is as kept as clean as possible.

We have made many changes in how the facility is operating. Over the past month I have been researching and in communication with leaders in the industry to come up with new ways of operating a gym safely. Since then, these new ideas have been implemented to help Clubflex be a healthy and safe environment to be in. I have been in contact with Vancouver Coastal Health and explained all of these changes and precautions and they were very satisfied.  We will also be operating with a very strict protocol and insisting everyone follow it. Under these new guidelines it is expected that all rules be respected without exception. All members must respect each other’s 2 meters social distance at all times. We have moved out many pieces of equipment and reorganized the gym so that every machine can be used with a  minimum 2 meter social distance from the other. At this moment showers are not available. We’re all very excited to see everyone again and to welcome in new members. Clubflex is back better than ever to help you meet your fitness goals.

New Covid19  rules:

1. If you have a cough or are feeling sick do not come in.

2. All members are required to keep a 2 meter social distance at all times.

3. Everyone must wash their hands and/or use the hand sanitizer before and after using the facility.

4. Each member is supplied with there own spray bottle and towel for cleaning (located at front desk), then return the bottle  to the desk for disinfection.

5. Every piece of equipment and attachment must be cleaned after use.

6. As always, shoes must be changed into dedicated inside shoes before going onto the gym floor.

7. No super setting.

8. All bands, after use must be left in a bucket of disinfectant located below the bands.

9. Maximum 2 persons in change rooms.

10. Maximum capacity is 20.

Thank you all very much for your business and support.


Stand up tanning beds have more benefits than the regular tanning beds such as allowing the customer to enjoy greater mobility. For example, you can raise your arms giving you a better all around tan, getting areas of your body you wouldn’t normally have tanned like under the arms and inner thighs.


Whether you’re training to prepare for the ski season, the mountain biking season or building strength and endurance for your next climb or hike, personal training is a great solution. Efficient workouts led by a professional will give you maximum results. Some guidance and support will always help you reach your fitness goals quicker. Come meet our trainers at Clubflex to help you maximize your time and get the most out of your workout. Our trainers work with clients of all ages and abilities, and can help with post injury rehab, weight loss, general strength building and elite sport performance.


If you are looking to talk to staff or to sign up for a membership please visit us during our staffed hours.

38255 Cleveland Ave,
Squamish, BC V8B 0A9

Hours of Operation:
Mon – Fri 7am-10pm 
Sat & Sun 8am -8pm


(604) 892-3539