Andy Dube


  • CRPA certified Personal Trainer
  • BCRPA certified Weight Training Coach
  • BCRPA certified Group Fitness Training
  • First Aid & CPR/AED certified
  • Voted “The Best Personal Trainer In Squamish” by The Squamish Chief 2019
I am here to guide you through the process of re-prioritising you and your health. Either through strength training, conditioning, mobility or providing guidance with mindset work.My role is to show my clients how to utilize their surrounding environment to their benefit and get a great workout wherever they are. I don’t believe in excuses and limiting beliefs.

Be honest with yourself. Life is not forgiving, particularly to those trying to justify inaction. Life is multi-dimensional, and that is how you need to approach it. This is the core of my philosophy. I tell my clients to do something new, something good for themselves, while also combining something that makes them happy, and they will be rewarded on many levels..