Meet our fitness instructors that lead a variety of fitness classes here at Clubflex. We have the class schedule posted online for your convenience and fitness classes are available with your membership!

Kathy Daniels

Feeling the energy and motivation from participating in group fitness encouraged Kathy to pursue training and certification as a group fitness instructor.

Kathy has seen fitness trends come and go but group fitness is still Kathy’s passion and she loves creating new class ideas that participants find challenging but enjoyable. 

Group Fitness is a great way for individuals to get in shape while enjoying the energy and motivation, and the feeling of success that working out in a group provides.

Erin Ellis

Certified Personal Trainer
Group Fitness Instructor
Core Conditioning Specialist

Come join Erin in her two dynamic classes at Clubflex where you will be guaranteed an intense 60 minutes leaving you exhilarated, exhausted, and satisfied!

TUESDAY 6:30PM CO-ED “HIIT” (high intensity interval training) – this class incorporates drills designed to push & enhance your cardiovascular fitness and strength- an intense blast of fit for you!!

THURSDAY 6:30PM CO-ED “BOOTCAMP” Full Body Conditioning – each Boot Camp class focuses on different muscle groups to give you a hardcore, full body workout each week.  Exercises and format vary so no two Boot Camp sessions are the same!

Marianne Pleau

Marianne’s reputation as a fitness instructor is well known in Squamish. Her pilates classes that she provides at Clubflex are very well regarded. They are physically challenging, but at the same time she makes new comers feel comfortable and welcomed. She has her own unique method that keeps people coming back for more.

“It is not what is asked of you, it is what you ask of yourself!”

“Balance your life. Believe in yourself and live happier, healthier and longer life!”